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In our property on Tysklandsvej 7 we have 850 sql of fully equipped, state-of-the-art laboratories up to bio safety level 2

The laboratories holds in total 8 ventilated cupboards, 9 fume hoods and 5 LAF benches. Besides a standard laboratory layout and a package of equipment for chemistry and microbiology.

The laboratories are mainly used by companies ICP Group has interests in but can also be rented by others. There are labs from 1 to 10 workstations, and they can be rented on both short-term and regular leases. Office facilities can of course also be rented together with the laboratories.

If you need laboratory space, we will find a rental model to suit your needs.

Laboratory facilities include:
  • 8 Ventilated cupboards
  • 9 Fume hoods
  • 5 LAF benches
  • Sensory test facilities