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CPH2: Being passionate about hydrogen as clean energy for the future, we wanted to find an alternative to the current membrane electrolyser technology available on the market as these had barriers to adoption. We realised that the cleanest way to produce hydrogen was by membrane-free water electrolysis and in doing so it would be a less expensive and more robust technology.

Dr. Nigel Williamson and Joe Scott established CPH2 (Ireland) in December 2016 with the ambition to help clean up the environment for our children and future generations. Entering the green technology sector; a high growth and profitable market, they developed a Membrane-Free Electrolyser™ to produce hydrogen faster, more reliably, and more cost-effectively than the incumbent methods.

To be the leading developer and manufacturer of green hydrogen technologies both for the reduction of harmful emissions and the hydrogen economy using our patented Membrane-Free Electrolyser™

Our History
Clean Power Hydrogen Group Limited is established in the UK by founding members Dr. Nigel Williamson and Joe Scott, following the company being established in Ireland in 2012.
Successful demonstration to show proof of concept to separate hydrogen and oxygen using a simple liquid nitrogen-cooled cryogenic system.

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